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24th. April 2012
Please note a correction on the Calendar page to the organiser's details for the Boomerang Trophy on 6th. May.  Thanks to Iain McLeod for pointing out the error.

20th. April 2012
News received that Robert Cooper has had a bike accident that resulted in a stay in hospital.  Robert is now back home recuperating and we send him our best wishes.

14th. & 15th. April 2012
SVTTA members placed first in the weekend's two events 'up North', both run in biting cold and a strong wind generously laced with snow and hail showers. Peter Ettles won the Sherrifston 10 in 22:17 while Steve Nutley was fastest in the Spring Bunny 25 with 56:56.

A few photos of members competing in the Spring Bunny have been added to the Gallery page and Bob Gibson's event report is here.

Photos from Veli-Matti Raikkonen.

Meanwhile, down in the Borders, Couriers' Jim Cusick was the third SVTTA member to record an event win over the weekend, his time of 52:40 giving him victory in the Tour of the Meldons by 16 seconds.  No pictures of Jim, but from this one of Graham Jones it looks like it was a chilly day there also.

Now if only Dooleys' veteran Iain Grant were a member then this weekend's racing would have been a clean sweep for the SVTTA..

11th. April 2012
Minutes of the committee meeting held on 27th. February can be read here.
The next committee meeting is scheduled for 23rd. April

5th. April 2012
The VTTA Standards Review now has its own website.  For all information on the revised standards visit VTTA Standards Review

1st. April 2012
No April Fools at DTCC's Garlogie 10 where SVTTA members filled the 3 podium places: Peter Ettles took the win, continuing his strong start to the season, ahead of Phil Kelman and Carlos Riise.

Meanwhile, down at the Gordon Arms MTT, Jim Cusick had to give best to SWC's pair of youngsters, although from the picture below it appears that a front wheel puncture may have been involved.


Results for both events on Braveheart: Garlogie 10 and Gordon Arms MTT

25th. March 2012
Several SVTTA members were out either riding in or spectating at the inaugural Lang Whang HTT organised by West Lothian Clarion. The 30 mile event was a great success on a fine sunny day and drew a good number of people out onto the course to shout encouragement to the racers.


Result on Braveheart.

Apparently Steve Nutley (on the start above) would like a word with team mate Steve Beech who, having ridden the course midweek, assured him that a single 60T chainring and an 11-21 cassette would do just fine!

18th. March 2012
At today's Corrieri Classic 10TT on the Kippen Flats, no less than 23 of the field of almost 100 starters were SVTTA members.
Times recorded at the event can be found here.


Fastest SVTTA rider on the day was Peter Ettles with 21:04, good enough for second place overall. Photo courtesy of Owen Philipson.

17th. March 2012
Important calendar date change
SC enquired if the Law Wheelers were prepared to change the date of the John Cramb 25TT H’cap Trophy from Sunday the 17th. June to Saturday 16th. June as there will be a large influx of cyclist on the Sunday due to a sportive/audax taking place around the Trossachs and surrounding area. The club has agreed to the change of date while all other details regarding the event remain the same.

24th. February 2012
Life member Jock Milne of Stirling B.C. was knocked off his bike Sunday last by a hit-and-run driver who sped off. Jock was left unconscious but luckily was found by a Fife cyclist who happened to be passing. One good thing was that the motorist left his calling card: his number plate had been wrenched off in the accident and left at the scene.

Jock is now back home resting after his ordeal and we wish him a speedy recovery.

23rd. February 2012
Bob Gibson has noted that the data relating to over-70s still racing is incorrect on the VTTA website.
For information, here is a list of 70yrs.+ SVTTA members actively racing last season.

SVTTA members of 70yrs and over competing in season 2011
Alex Munro - 77/78
Lyle Reilly - 77
Derek Stewart - 74/75
Al Washington - 73/74
Gordon Johnston - 73
Iain McLeod - 72/73
Stewart Mitchell - 71/72
Bill Byth - 71/72
Robert Cooper - 70/71
Peter Robertson - 70
George Berwick - 70

7th. February 2012 - Obituary: James  (Jimmy) McCallum, 1924 - 2012
Jimmy passed away a few weeks short of his 88th. birthday, having lived his latter days in a care home after the death of his wife in 2001.
He cycled well into his seventies, meeting up with old clubmates to sunbathe on a Sunday at the Cloch Lighthouse on the shore of the River Clyde with afternoons at the Golf Inn after a cycle run for a quiet beer.
In his  younger days Jimmy was a track man riding in the colours of the Glasgow Regent and  travelling all over to track meetings with the club, picking up numerous prizes including Scottish track championships. On the demise of the Regent Jimmy moved his  allegiance to the Glasgow  Road Club where, with his lovely manner and always with a smile on his face, he was most welcomed.
Jimmy was  a Honorary Life Member of the Scottish Group with 38 years membership. Group and club members gathered along with non-cycling friends at the crematorium to bid farewell to Jimmy.

1st. February 2012
SVTTA life members Rita & John Montgomery are featured in the Daily Record.
Read the article here:

28th. January 2012 - National AGM - Standards
The proposal to adopt new Standards this season was passed at the National VTTA AGM. Members intending to compete for Standards this season need to pay particular attention to the adopted proposal (extract from AGM minutes below), as it has a direct influence on what Standard times you now have to achieve.

Page 4 proposal d)By the National Executive Committee

That the membership should, in the 2012 season, adopt the new Standards Tables produced by the Standards Working Party, copies of which are attached

Geoff Perry introduced the motion, explaining that Steve Lockwood had collected data from numerous sources, particularly from the CTT website, and this had enabled the Standards Working Party to create a formula which covers all distances plus the 12Hr and 24Hr. The VTTA website and the National Special General Meeting had also contributed to providing a level playing field for riders to compete. The ‘number crunch’ had proved relatively easy, but the transition from one set of Standards to another, plus other factors, had to be considered. Ann Butterworth seconded the motion.

Bob Tate explained that, as his Group held their AGM in December, before receiving the National AGM agenda, he had contacted members to ascertain their views before mandating their delegates to vote against the proposition.

Peter Horsnell said that all members present at his Group’s AGM knew all the details, but there was no-one under 60 years of age in attendance. His conclusion was that there is no problem with the existing calculations and, because of the tremendously wide range of abilities, no one system would be appropriate. He thought that riders’ main concerns were their positions in the BAR Competition. In Peter’s view the new Tables do not reflect the decline in a rider’s speed as they age and so the BAR calculations should, in future, be based on speed.

Keith Wilkinson said he was very impressed by the work that had been done on the revision of the Tables but suggested that perhaps 40 year-olds should not be competing for championships, but it should be the over-50s. The majority of members join in order to get their Standard medals. The current Tables favour the older riders, but perhaps people are happy with this.

Ian Peacock was unhappy about the impact of the new Tables on claims for personal Standards and suggested that the current Tables could be retained purely for claiming these.

On behalf of the Working Party, Andrew Simpkins clarified why the new formula for calculation of the BAR Competition gives a better result than the existing one. The new Tables are based on all riders and not just some.

Bob Bush felt that the older and middle age groups would suffer more harshly under the new Standards. Max Nunn said that the rate of decline in performance is cumulative.

Keith Tattersall said that everyone would be starting from scratch with their personal Standards. Barry Quick said that it is irrelevant whether a Standard is a plus or a minus; we have the opportunity to sort things out and encourage new members.

Jim Ogden explained that his Group had held a Special General Meeting to discuss the National AGM proposals and mandate the delegates. The result was that Manchester & NW Group wished to put forward an amendment as follows:

That the membership should, in the 2012 season, adopt the new Standards Tables produced by the Standards Working Party, copies of which are attached. The new Standards will run in conjunction with the current Standards Tables purely for testing purposes when calculating the results of VTTA Championships, the Three Distance Competition and the BAR. In 2012 prizes for these championships and competitions and for personal standards will continue to be awarded using the current Standards Tables.’

The reasons for this amendment were that this would give the membership time to evaluate the desirability of a permanent change to the new Standards Tables in 2013. Derek Hodgins seconded the proposed amendment.

Bill Lloyd said that the testing had already been done by the Working Party, using the previous season’s figures and asked that Manchester & NW withdraw their amendment.

On behalf of the Working Party, Andrew Simpkins said that one or two adjustments may be necessary in the first year, but this would be easy to do.

A vote was taken and the amendment was lost with five votes in favour.

Bill Lloyd said he thought that the current Tables exclude younger members from competitions and that there are too many injustices in the system. A simple change won’t make everything right but will be more favourable. The problem is with the personal Standards. In 2012 everyone sets their own Standard, but Bill suggested that the Standards Working Party should devise a new system of Personal Awards whereby, say, the 40-49 age group had to beat their Standard by 30 seconds to gain a Standard award and the 50+ age group had a 45 seconds allowance. A proposition could be put to the AGM next year for this method to be used.

Mary Horsnell said that things had changed over the years and average riders cannot get on fast courses to improve their times/plusses. She also commented on the very small number of the younger members attending this AGM. Joe Summerlin said that we need to engage the forty to fifty year-olds and make them feel they have a chance of winning.

On behalf of the Working Party, Steve Lockwood said he had had an interesting journey. His objective was to produce a level playing field. Until about 1960, the Standards had maintained the original level, but there is now a very clear bias towards the older rider; a situation that is unethical and we should not be awarding prizes on an unethical basis.

A vote was taken and the motion was carried, with 22 in favour and 10 against.

A copy of the adopted ‘Standard Tables’ was included in the December issue of the Veteran Magazine, and are now also available on the National VTTA web site here.

20th. January 2012 - Presentation and Dinner
Our Social Secretary, George Skinner, organised a very successfull evening which saw the function room at McQ's Tartan Arms almost full to capacity. Members enjoyed an excellent meal, with a good choice on offer, after which the presentation of awards took place. Timetrial Secretary Jim Harris is happy to report that for the first time all certifactes and trophies heading to mainland riders were collected in person and none were left to be taken back home.


George Skinner and Jim Harris prepare the trophies for the

Scottish womens 100 mile champion Patricia Baird and
24 hour legend George Berwick enjoying the excellent dinner.

The following riders collected their certificates, standards and trophies:

Sanny Roy -  Joe McCann -  Bill Haggart -  Patricia Baird

Robert Cooper - Jocky Johnstone - Alec Munro - Graeme Hay

David Miller -  Isobel Fletcher - Alan Solway - George Berwick

Allan MacClean - David Pritchard - George Skinner - Frank Gamwell

Steve Beech -  Derek Stewart - Steve Nutley

After the presentation there was a raffle with some excellent prizes then many of the assembled gathering stretched their racing legs on the dance floor!

More photos on the Gallery page.

Apologies and corrections

The Time Trial Secretary would like to apologise to Frank Gamwell for an error in the Archie Speed Trophy calculations. Frank's result should have been +57m.22s, giving him 8th. position thus demoting Alan  Solway and Christine McLean down a position and taking Jim Cusick out of the top ten.

Apologies to Social secretary George Skinner from the Press Secretary: the ticket price for the Presentation dinner was wrong in the December edition of 'The Veteran'. Hopefully this didn't cause George too much hassle.

In the December 'Veteran' article, the John Cusker Trophy was printed as the John Custer Trophy. This was a transcription error after the article was sent.


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