Membership application form - use this form to apply for SVTTA membership. Membership categories, cost and contact details are on the form itself.

Record claim form - use this form to submit a record claim to the SVTTA Recorder, whose contact details are on the form.

Claim form for Standards medals.

B.A.R. competitions claim form.


Trophies.pdf - a document explaining the provenance of the many trophies awarded by the SVTTA.

PlaceToPlace.pdf - the data relating to place-to-place records as mentioned in 'The Veteran' of March 2012. Apologies for the image quality.

RRAS handbook - the 2014 handbook, including current records, of the Road Records Association of Scotland.

The current table of all SVTTA road records at end 2017.

The current table of all SVTTA track records at end 2017.

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